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Catchy Blog Post Title

I'm not entirely sure what I wanted to title this post so here we are.

I had mentioned on today's show that I was going to have a blog post today so, again, here we are. I went back and listened to said episode and the number of throat clearing sounds that I made was absolutely ghastly. I can't apologize enough. Does that happen every week!?



I'll try to do better but we both know that I probably won't.


Any well...I wish I could remember what I was actually going to write about, but I can't so let's dive into the list of nonsense that I have for show topics and if I happen to remember why I'm here, great, but if not you'll get a glimpse into what's typically happening between my ears.

80's kids will remember this...

Why I put that on my list, I have no idea, but it's awesome. Ok, maybe not really awesome, but it's one of those weird things from the 80's that makes you realize that the entire decade was a trip. Honesty, who comes up with this shit?! And then to get Ben Vereen to star in it?! That's a good get, but he was a dancer so it's not that far off. This is almost 40 years old and I still remember all the words to the damn song. Shit that you heard/learned before you were 10 is literally tattooed on your brain. Such a dumb show though. Seriously, it wasn't good. Like a knock off Cats, but for kids.


Does anyone else pack "emergency underwear" in their carry on bag when they travel? No? It's just me? Fine, but at least I know that I have a backup in case anything happens and you don't.

I'm not talking about shitting yourself randomly, grow up. If something happens to your bags and your left without a change of clothes for a day or two that would come in handy, would it not? Don't be coy, of course it would.


When a company says something in a commercial like "a dollar from every sale" and then the fine print says "up to $250k" or whatever, why bother with the charade? I get that it's a marketing ploy, but how hasn't a single company just put in the commercial "Yeah, we want you to buy this product. Also, we're going to donate a large sum of money to this particular charity because it's the nice thing to do." I would be so much more inclined to support whatever the product is if there's honesty in the ad. Wouldn't you? Well, you should be. It just makes so much more sense. Seriously, how I'm not running a multi-million dollar marketing firm is lost on me. I really missed my calling.


Of course we're headed back to all wearing masks again even if there's a vaccine for this fucking virus. It was inevitable really, but it's not going to make a fucking lick of difference in the grand scheme of things. Those who still think it's a hoax or isn't more than a cold aren't going to change the way that they go about their lives while the rest of us with a brain will put the fucking masks back on, get the vaccine and maintain a respect for this whole thing.

This Delta variant is running rampant through the country and the unvaccinated are taking up space in hospitals, but they don't give a fuck because "I don't trust da gubmint!" or "How can they have a vaccine already!? It ain't right!" Listen, asshole, can I call you asshole? Asshole, variations of the novel coronavirus have been around for probably ever, but here's where I get as sciencey as my feeble brain can get: viruses mutate. That means they change. Ya know The Flu? I capitalized "The" because it reminds me of the Jeff Goldblum vehicle "The Fly" which was too gory & scary for 8 year-old Dave, but now it's funny to see how ridiculous Goldblum looks in that movie. Anyways, The Flu is a virus that mutates into different strains which is why the flu shot has to change each year in order to keep up with various strains. The Fly also mutated, but that's for another time.

At any rate, these changes are causing problems to those numb skulls that think the "gubmint" is injecting 5G into their blood or that exercising and popping some extra vitamin D is going to keep the Rona at bay. It ain't happening. Ya know does HELP? The vaccine that's been in development for close to a decade. Remember SARS? Or maybe it's cousin, MERS? Those are novel coronaviruses too and while not nearly has deadly as our current Rona, the building blocks are similar which allowed science to move quickly toward a vaccine for what we're dealing with now.

But please go one with your "my body, my choice" bullshit when you're done chastising someone for having an abortion.


Lastly, I touched on mental health as Gripe #3 in today's show and I wanted to pass along an outstanding article from Sally Jenkins at the Washington Post talking about Simone Biles and what she's had to deal with for going on a decade or so now. I knew that she was a survivor of the whole Larry Nassar sexual abuse shit, but I was unaware of just how filthy US Gymnastics really is. I mean, I was somewhat aware given that Nassar was allowed to be around these girls for so long as if no one there knew what was going on, but I didn't know it was THAT filthy. Read that piece and if you've already formed a negative opinion about Biles for stepping away from the games, maybe it'll give you a shred of perspective.


And that'll do. Godspeed.

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