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Friday Thoughts

Another week has passed so let's talk about it. And, let's also talk about what's coming next week.

Christ, I can't even come up with a clever subhead in my own lousy blog...

As we head into the weekend of week 13 of the Quarantine Season it’s become pretty clear that this is still a long ways away from being “over.” Feel to read what you want and listen to whom you like, but rest assured that the know nothing behind this particular keyboard does not see anything close to normal returning for quite some time.

This week also saw:

Also, the NFL released their 2020 schedule yesterday and there was nary a mention of what’s going on with other sports until little Adam Schefter mentioned something about bye weeks matching with teams that play each other in Week 2. So while the rest of the world is currently on hold, the #NFL is building in a one week buffer. I really don’t see anything stopping them from playing a full season even if that includes a Super Bowl on St. Patrick’s Day week.


New pod should drop on Monday and I hope to talk about sports in some capacity along with my main complaint, jobs. I’ll also debut a new segment, Three Gripes where I’ll just point out 3 random gripes that I have. Fairly simple really, but I wanted to put a name to it like I’m being organized on a “real” show. I may also have an idea of how I’m going to manage each show by then and will share if that’s the case, but I’m lazy so we’ll see.

That’s all for now, but before we go let’s take a minute to analyze what’s been working for us.


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