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Friday Thoughts IV

Billy Joel sucks, etc.

Seriously, Billy Joel's music isn't good. There is one solitary exception.

That's it. I won't apologize for being right about this.

  • The Red Sox finally open the season tonight. Hammer the season under total. Hammer it with everything you've got. This pitching staff is Nathan Eovaldi and 15 bums and as I've said numerous times, they'll score 7 or 8 runs a night and give up about 33. Hammer the under.

  • This medium is terrible for expressing what will be old thoughts the minute I click on the "publish" button. That's why I have to start out with something as simple as 'Billy Joel sucks.' It's not really frustrating, but it just odd to think about. Also the spacing on these bullet points is driving me nuts.

  • The home search continues this weekend at full tilt with about 8 or 9 showings on the docket. If you listen to the show (and if not, why the fuck not? Huh? What's the problem here?) you're aware that this search is beginning to wear on me. However, it's pretty important so we soldier on. It's not as frustrating as trying to find a job right now as you can actually believe that you've found the right one only to either have it snatched away from under your nose OR it's not at all what you want. I don't plan on settling on either front.

  • I have nothing else to add. I've just been informed that my cookies have arrived so I'm going to eat some. You should order some:

Tell your friends.

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