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Friday Thoughts VI

Short and sweet today.

Happy Friday. I trust you're all well and are ready for what I hope will be a fun and or relaxing weekend. Busy week here in the Podcast Palace as we're getting ready for the big move next week. I spent Wednesday sweating like a whore in church packing up said Palace and trying to get organized. The entire process should be wrapped up and ready to go this weekend with the move going down on the 26th.

I'm certain the 2 people who read this will be enthralled.

Anyways, there's all kinds of shit going on in the country that I'd love to discuss, but quite frankly I'm not sure my continually fragile mental stability can take any more. Saying that I'm frustrated would not do it justice and so because of that I'm leaving it be.

The Mandalorian Season 2 trailer was released this week and it looks fucking awesome! I'm thrilled to see some of the characters from Rebels get a role in the story and I'm excited to see where this ends up going for Baby Yoda. The Jedi make an appearance or at least they're mentioned during the trailer so it remains to be seen how they eventually arrive. The Child is a Jedi though, right? Given that it's the same race as Yoda or least that's the assumption. Looking forward to it.

Let's talk about sports, shall we? The Celtics have devolved into a team filled with way more talent than Miami yet are becoming apathetic and somewhat lazy. Last night was yet another example and apparently there was a minor kerfuffle in the locker room afterward where Marcus Smart expressed his frustrations. I do hope they all listened and take that to heart because there's no reason they should have lost those 2 games if they played like they should. Too many bad shots in Game 1 and way, WAY too many turnovers in Game 2. There's a legit shot at the title staring them in the face, asterisk or not and to let that pass them by would be a failure.

Lock of the Week

After the Celtics game it was on to the Bengals/Browns game! Boy, that's depressing, isn't it!? Given the state of the world this year, I'll take it. However, we all broke the #1 rule of gambling: Never bet on the Cleveland Browns. The sad part is that the offense was excellent, but the garbage time TD they gave up with 90 seconds to go pretty much fucked everyone outside the greater Cincinnati area.

Because of that we have no Lock of the Week from Banksley or Paidly, Jr so I'll be carrying the load this week. I'm going with the Rams money line at -105 on the road at the fraudulent Philadelphia Eagles. How this game is so close is beyond me because as I've said multiple times on the show, the Eagles fucking stink out loud. Hopefully I can get back on track here.

Best Bets 9/11:

Banksley 1-0

Paidly 1-0

LaPaid 0-1

Fucking Cowboys...

Best Bets 9/18:

Banksley - Tampa/Carolina over 48 -110

Paidly - 49ers -7

LaPaid - Buffalo -6

Should be another great weekend of football and lets hope no one gets sick!

Good news of the day. I've got TWO this week!:

I'm not crying, you're crying!

Song of the Day: "Stars" by Hum

Easily one of my favorite songs of all time and it's hard to believe that this song is 25 years old, but it is. This shit is just an 90s banger that when anyone things of 90's hard rock this is the riff that should immediately come to mind. It's a shame that Hum couldn't score another hit because they were a good band. They're still around and putting out good music, but they touched the sun with this. So damn good.

That'll do it for this week. I should get something even shorter up next week, but I'll be in full move mode by then so please don't pretend to actually give a shit if I don't. No one's reading this anyways! Yay!


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