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Friday Thoughts VIII

Aging rock stars, sex toys & trends

I'm writing this while listening to Spotify's new releases. It's a killer algorithm based on all the shit that I listen and one of the songs that came up was an early version of "L.A. Woman" by everyone's favorite band that they loved when they were in high school, but suddenly became too cool for them; The Doors. The track is your standard demo nonsense that was kept away from public listening for a reason. Not really organized, lyrics that Morrison was probably still messing with at the time but the band was tight as always so it wasn't completely terrible.

Jim Morrison's been dead for 50 years. 50. That's crazy to me because when I was in high school I was one of those kids that got caught up in their music, read his poetry and all that other shit. Happened to a lot of us so I'm not different in that regard. Had he taken care of himself, Jim would be approaching his 78th birthday. Imagine that? What would he be like as a man in his late 70's? Recluse probably and I'll assume nothing like Mick Jagger who's chosen to hang out at a pub Charlotte, North Carolina on a Wednesday night.

Rock stars when they get old just don't seem to have the ability to relax or stop. Granted, they don't really need to because it's not like they're working. "Retirement" is for people who labor throughout their life and then are no longer are able to. Being a rock star is easy after the initial build-up to rock stardom so there's no reason to quit.

Case in point, Mr. Jagger, Springsteen, Mellencamp; the latter whom have paired up for a new tune.

The song itself is ok, but the theme of the tune is what I find interesting.

John Cougar kicks it off with "How many days are lost in vain?" It's a fair question for sure and I'd say quite a few. Almost every human and certainly almost all Americans these days would have a similar answer. Especially if you were to look back on all the time that you've "wasted" knowing full well that our time on Earth is so limited.

He adds a few more questions like "Who's counting now these last remaining years?" and "How many minutes do we have ahead?" Using questions as lyrics is always something I've never really found odd. I mean, you can ask one, but this thing has about a dozen. I hope someone answers them.

At any rate, given the general societal focus on not dying, it's a wonder that we don't spend more time thinking about death and using that to actually live. No, like really live. Taking a step outside, looking at the world around you, breathing, learning, etc.

They finish the song with a cute back and forth exchange.

Mellencamp: "How can a man watch his life go down the drain?"

Springsteen: "How many moments has he lost today?"

Mellencamp: "And who among us could ever see clear?"

Springsteen: "The end is coming, it's almost here"

Aging rock stars feeling their own mortality? Certainly comes up in some song themes, but these two seem to be trying to get answers. Literally, it's all questions. What the fuck, guys?


I'm sure we've all donated shit to Savers. It's usually an easy process, but the other day when I was dropping some stuff off, I watched as the employee was basically going through someone's stuff telling them what they could take and what they couldn't. How much weird shit do Savers employees see? How often does someone try to slip various contraband through? I bet they see sex toys all the time.

What kind of weird asshole do you have to be to think "I'm bringing a bunch of old plates, curtains and whatnot to Savers and this dildo is still good so I don't want to just throw it away."

You can't tell me that hasn't before.


Maybe it's my old age, but I don't get trends. This is far more common with TV & movies. Rarely do I watch or follow what everyone else is. It's not to be contrarian, it's just that I lack the focus to spend time watching multiple episodes of shows or movies most of the time. Of course, it's not all the time. "Ted Lasso" is the best show I've seen in a long time so I'm on that train. Today it's a Netflix show called "Squid Game", a South Korean show about a bunch of people that are in debt or poor or something along those lines who are offered an opportunity to win a ton of money by playing in what are dangerous and deadly games. Sounds like "The Running Man" but on a larger scale and in Korean.

I'm far too busy watching sports to spend even more time watching television shows that don't feature Guy Fieri. There have been too few things come along that has me interested enough to make an investment and I'm fairly certain I'm alone on that particular island.

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