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Friday Thoughts XI

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Tardiness, delivery apps and country music

I abhor tardiness. I don't want to use the word hate, but I hate it.

I hate being late.

I hate having to wait for people that are late.

I hate when shit starts late.

I hate people that don't give a shit about being late.

It's a perceived character flaw, but the only people that perceive it that way are usually always fucking late. I know for a fact that I'm going to sit around at some point waiting on someone to do something that they said they would do at a certain time. It happens all the time and it really shouldn't. What part of telling someone that you're going to complete a task at a certain time means that you'll get to it when you damn well feel like it? No part that's what.

The occasional laissez-faire attitude that some people have with tardiness is such a fucking slap in the face to those us that simply value time. So what if I'm going to spend that valuable time typing out drivel or spewing nonsense into a microphone. If you're taking time from me, you're an asshole. A selfish asshole and that's the truth.

The total lack of empathy and consideration is occasionally appalling. And while I should absolutely know better than to put faith in humanity for anything simple like being on time, it doesn't make having to deal with it any easier.

So be on time. In fact, be 10 minutes early. For everything. Ever.


I tried ordering from Chipotle last week. A bowl with chicken, brown rice, black beans, corn salsa & cheese via DoorDash. How much do you think that cost? Before the tip it's $17.14 as of today, 11/12. If I order through the Chipotle site and pick it up? $8.72 after tax.

How the fuck are we as Americans so lazy that the act of picking up food is now antiquated!? AND why are we so willing to let these extortionists take gobs of money out of our pockets!?

Just the bowl on it's own through DoorDash is $9.55 before tax. The same fucking bowl is a dollar more?! And then it's $7.59 on top of that for the delivery fee, "fees & estimated tax." That doesn't include the tip that you have to give to the poor schlubs who are driving to bring you the cold food!

As a fat fuck, I like food and I like to eat, but gone are the days of paying out the nose for the stuff. I just can't bring myself to do it anymore. I'd rather get in the car, go to Stop & Shop and overpay for that shit, but get more of it than give anymore money to a shady outfit like DoorDash. I'm done with them. All of them. And you should be too. Get in your car and pick it up yourself or better yet, make a burrito bowl at home on your own. It might even taste better.


I had a brief Twitter exchange with a couple folks the other day about country musician, Chris Stapleton and his running the table at the CMA awards the other night. I'm basically saying that aside from him, the rest of country music blows. A couple white knights rode in and took up the flag for the likes of Eric Church, something called Kip Moore and others. I hate being the guy that puts any sort of credence into a music awards show, but in the case it's warranted. Stapleton is the only artist that would fit in back in the 70's country scene which I believe is the only one that matters and I don't even like fucking country music!

I found the whole exchange humorous.

And now the reason to not put any stock in award shows.

I still love Tull, but of course they had no business winning. At all.

That's all for now, kids. Tah-tah.

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