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Friday Thoughts XII

Oversharers, Thanksgiving and new music

Had the somewhat unenjoyable experience recently of spending time with someone who just could not stop talking. When I say that I'm not using it metaphorically. This person did not stop talking about anything the entire time we were together and this was not an insignificant amount of time. If the quality of the conversation is exactly that, quality, it would be ok. In this case, it was just oversharing every detail of their lives: career, marriage, children, social life, health, name it, they talked about it. I could tell you things about this person that I don't care to know about. It's not that some of these details are unsuitable for the environment that were in or that they were's just that I don't fucking care.

Over the course of our time together I did my best to engage, but only at a very minimal level and sometimes that simply wasn't possible. Oversharing lends itself to disengagement does it not? Someone starts spouting off about themselves and you're left to think about what the fuck is going on. There were a couple of occasions where I attempted to change the subject to something more apropos and it would work! For about 3 minutes. They'd take something that was being discussed and turn it back to themselves in an attempt to connect to said topic. It was maddening!

The logical question at this point is to ask why I didn't simply mentioned that they're talking is nauseating? Well at two different times I tried to inject with humor, "Holy shit, do you ever stop talking?! Hahaha." I'd get a laugh and something along the lines of "Yeah, I know. Hahaha." Unfortunately, it did nothing to stop the full stream of consciousness that was being spewed in my direction.

The moral here? Understand your surroundings if you're an oversharer. There's a time and a place for everything that you've just told me. Also, some us just don't really fucking care that much.


Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I hope you had a great day. Mine was enjoyable, thank you. I've come to appreciate the joy of not having to fully prepare the actual meal. I know my limits and know that cooking a full bird always leaves me stressed beyond levels that I personally care to deal with. Because of that, the wife and I have taken to purchasing a full meal from the local Market Basket. If you've listened to my show you already know that I'm not fond of Market Basket. It's too fucking busy with too many fucking employees moving shit on the shelves to give the impression that they're fully stocked. The layout is dumb and they don't carry some of the shit that I like so...

Anyways, it's a fully cooked bird, sides, rolls and a pie for like $75. It's worth every penny to not have to actually cook all of that shit. The flip side is that it's actually VERY good. Not sure who does this set for them, but it's excellent. My brother refers to the mashed potatoes as "pillowy."

As is usually the case, it's impossible to get everything done at one time so that everything is hot when it's time to eat. This time it was the turkey that was done being warmed up before everything else was done being warmed up. The bird was cold. Aside from that, it all came out great. I made a garlic parm sweet potato dish that was fucking excellent.


I'm fond of Shooter Jennings. If you're not, you should be. He's got some new music that's a bit different that what he's done previously and it's awesome. Apparently this was written & recorded back in 2017, but is just now coming out. Not sure why he sat on it, but I'm thrilled that it's coming out now. This is the first single and if the rest of the album is this good, holy shit.

Stay out of trouble, friends.

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