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Friday Thoughts XIX

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Writing simply for the sake of writing, kakistocracy & Kakistocracy

Another week has passed and American society is finding new ways to flail aimlessly about not dissimilar to this...

It's apt. We just keep floating around while getting blown and can't seem to figure out what's coming next. Side note: my favorite part of this image is that I got it from a company called "Advertising Ideas". Seriously.

Anyways, I touched on the Florida GOP deciding to "punish" Disney by removing their special development status, for not agreeing with some of their legislation, specifically a piece of legislation that more or less says that homosexuality cannot be...anything, I schools, in the presence of children from birth through the 3rd grade as well not teaching anything that's not "age appropriate or developmentally appropriate” for older students whatever the fuck that means. If the bill came out and said "Hey, uh, no gay porn...or any porn for that matter...while in school for kids up through the 3rd grade." I think it would've been an easier pill to swallow, but instead they had to make it more specific for some reason.

Of course all of this grandstanding by Ron DeSantis is entirely theater. Disney's response to the bill was rather tepid in that the CEO apologized to the various Disney adjacent groups who criticized his initial lack of response to the bill. Then the company said they'd halt all political donations in the state. All of them. Not just the GOP backed donations of which there are many, but not the sort of volume that could expected from a multinational conglomerate; less than $200k in total during 2022.

The part that fries my ass is that this is actually just Fascism-lite. DeSantis and his GOP didn't like that Disney said anything about the bill so it's going essentially cancel them. The culture war and cancel culture that the right is always crowing on about that only exists in their minds but that they profess to rail against. This is a basic tenet of Fascism, "forcible suppression of opposition." It's clear as day, but it's Florida so it's entirely unsurprising.

Also unsurprising is that the rest of Amerikkka's Right has jumped on board to shit on what is the ultimate example of American Capitalism. Rep. Paul Gosar who just seems to flirt almost daily was treason, tweeted out a clever image of the Disney logo with the D replaced by the classic Soviet hammer & sickle. Horribly inaccurate, but has that stopped these troglodytes before? Nah. Just keep up the charade and get the dumbest among us to fall in line and find a common boogeyman. We've flown past Democracy and have landed somewhere in a drunken mash of kakistocracy & a plutocracy. It's gross.

It's going to get worse before it gets any better especially when the other side of the aisle does what it does best: Nothing. What an opportunity for the left to create a unified message and say that this whole thing is bullshit, but instead they'd rather fight each other to see who can be the most righteous of the bunch. How the Democrats haven't figured out that the GOP playbook demands a semblance of unity is still amazing to me. Instead they spend their time on Twitter being outraged at something different every 10 minutes.

Good luck in November.


And now a piece from Kakistocracy.

It's not that bad. It feels like a low rent Helmet made up of suburban dudes in their 40s who learned to play, started a band, wrote some songs and a friend of theirs happens to have industry connections so suddenly they've got a record deal. Yup.


And that'll do her.

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