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Friday Thoughts XV

Strip club food, a movie trailer revisit & INXS

As I write this I'm in the midst of another dumb Twitter thing as a bunch of people can't take a very bad joke. See there was a post from the US Men's National Soccer Team and they were practicing on a very dry pitch. (The "pitch" for you ignorant, soccer-haters, is the field of play.) So I tweeted out:

Seems they were in Arizona which is basically a desert. A few people found that funny as it was, again, a joke. And again, a very bad joke. However, a couple people felt the need to say dumb shit like "It's AZ. There is no water." Really? REALLY!? I responded by simply saying that's incorrect and I then got a bunch of articles and various desert water facts thrown at me. I knew Arizona was basically Western Florida, but holy shit these people are also horribly unfunny.

Long story short, Twitter is still a dumb cesspool that I love swimming in.


I was listening to another podcast the other day...yes, there are others, but none nearly as bad as mine...and their guests started talking about strip clubs. If you've listened to my show (you haven't...) you know that I've talked about strippies in the past and how they can be pretty fun. However, one guest was a portly fella who asked what they were "serving" as in food. Food in strip clubs is a WILD concept to me.

The first time I ever heard of such a thing was as a young man. Like 14. 94HJY in Providence had a metal show every Saturday night hosted by the late, great Dr. Metal and the big sponsor was indeed the Foxy Lady. Dr. Metal was actually the host of their weekly "Legs & Eggs" BUFFET every weekend. A buffet at a strip club. Just think about that and I guarantee you the image in your head is ridiculous!

These days, food served at strip clubs isn't nearly as ubiquitous up here in the Northeast (as far as I know) as it is down south. I'm sure you're very aware of the lemon pepper wings at Magic City in Atlanta. The LouWill Lemon Pepper BBQ wings that is. Yeah, they named them after Lou Williams of the Hawks because he was banned from the NBA bubble for going to the club for wings when he was only supposed to be a funeral. The NBA, man.

Anyways, the main point here is that I just think it's weird to eat a strip club. Do these people eat while they're watching porn too? Or having sex? I don't think eating and coitus or thinking about coitus really go hand in hand. Am I wrong about that? I could see snacks and maybe the wings are in that category, but I don't know. Are you really going to stay at a strip club long enough to get hungry!? If that's the case, it's time to go, pal.


Associate Producer Dave sharing a movie review recently for "Snowpiercer", the film about a train with all of the world's remaining population on it traveling through a sudden ice age. Yeah, it's fucking dumb, but apparently enough of hit that there was a spin-off series on TNT.

My issue with the movie is that it was just dumb, but I think my issues with the show might be that it's even dumber. This is basically just "Waterworld" in the snow and on a train. Same basic premise:

- Can't live like they used to

- Struggle to survive against a variety of foe

- Fight for a new "Eden"

- Live happily ever after

Just goes to show that the continued unoriginality of the industry is raging. If the main character drinks piss then it's all over.


I was listening to INXS' "Kick" yesterday and holy shit that album still fucks. From start to finish, it's excellent and a reminder that Michael Hutchence death was a tragedy. Dude was pretty fucked up though. Sad really. I still contend that a very good band could do a very good version of "Devil Inside" and it was fucking rule. Also, sad, no good bands have chosen to do so. Powerman 5000 did one, it sucked. Buckcherry did one, it was worse.

Anyways, the song fucking rules and I suggest going back to the whole album.

That'll do me.

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