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Friday Thoughts XVI

Attractive People, calling with good news & new music

I'm terribly sorry to the zero people that read this blog that I was unable to post last week. Sure, it's meaningless, but ultimately, what's really the point of a hobby if you're not going to keep it up? Don't answer that, it's a dumb question.

So I mentioned on this weeks episode that I was becoming anti-attractive people, but that I hadn't had a ton of time to really dig into that. Sadly, I still haven't. I also hadn't figured out where I thought of it until I spent 2 minutes on Instagram this morning. I don't want to really get into this here, but I will touch on it briefly to just give you a little nibble of the apple per se.

Spend any amount of time on Instagram and you'll find a number of posts by very good looking people who feel the need to tell you what is or has been so terribly difficult about their lives. Then they go on to exploit whatever that might be in order to gain a substantial following. What a great deal of these people never seem to mention is that they happen to be attractive as well as dealing with whatever it is that they think that they're dealing with.

Now I'm not THAT much of an asshole and I do know that in some situations a handful of these folks have been through a lot and they deserve all of the following and plaudits coming their way.

The flip side of that of course are the number of people who do not seem to consider the benefits and sheer advantages of being attractive. If a handsome, young buck or a comely lass decide to share pictures of themselves with no supporting information, they're still going to garner a substantial following on images alone. Any backstory is just going to add to it, but is likely not the sole reason for their social media successes. I guess that in some regard this has a lot to do with how some people simply don't realize how lucky they are.

I'm using Instagram as an example here, but there are so many "real world" examples...I say "real world" because Instagram is barely real...of people getting by on their looks. Am I a bit jealous or put off by that? Absofuckinglutely. As a homely, portly, creeping up on middle-aged man, these advantages are not available to me. And yes, it's petty. I'm aware. The number of people with quality genes who simply don't realize their luck is astronomical and those are the people who need to be knocked down a peg or three and maybe my fat, ugly ass is the one to do it.


Have you ever received a phone call between 2am-6am that was for anything other than bad news? Having never had the experience of being a consistent booty call...oh, ya don't say?!...I don't know the feeling of someone calling at that hour for something so joyous.

It was something that came up in conversation a couple of weeks ago and the guy I was talking to mentioned that his phone rang a number times during the night when his mother was sick prior to her passing. I got to thinking that this has to be the case with almost everyone, right? I'm right.

Go back to the handful of times that this happened to you or you were the one making a call during that time. Dead asleep, the phone rings, the receiver is absolutely startled, eventually answers the phone in an all out panic, breathing heavily and absolutely in a spaced out daze. All of that sucks.

In the end, I found this to be incredibly accurate.


For the longest time my father would tell me to get into Frank Zappa and I never really gave it much thought. For some reason at the time I thought Zappa was just too weird. Little did I know that ultimately I'd be a fucking weirdo too. Not Zappa weird, but weird. Don't answer that question.

Anyways...I've found myself dipping my toes into the absurdly vast Frank Zappa catalog and finding a ton of catchy shit that I simply didn't know existed. Zappa passed away in 1993 and the record company that owns all of his music has been steadily putting out new collections with another 8CD set dropping in March. Apparently he recording pretty much every show he ever did going back to the 60's and recorded in-studio up until days before his death. It's overwhelming really, but as I said, I've found a handful of tunes that I've spun repetitively of late including this gem:

I assure you that you'll be repeating "right up the poop chute" numerous times now.

That'll do me.

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