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Friday Thoughts XXII

It ain't Friday, but who really cares?

I've been saying for weeks that I wanted to blog, but I'm too scatterbrained and lazy to do it, but something jumped at me that I just felt the need to blog.

Regular listeners of my show will know that I am, again, unemployed. Sure, "regular listeners" constitute about 4 people, but that's neither here nor there. Being unemployed blows. It really does. The worst part is the constant feeling of inadequacy. Not having money also sucks, but that's obvious. It's the former that drives me crazy.

In this instance, being unemployed is entirely my own doing. I left a job I was horrifically bored with but still getting paid for, to go to a job that turned out to be something entirely different than what I was told. And again, it fucking sucks. I'm working much harder on not turning into a grumpy, depressed mess than I am in trying to find a job. I'm not sure I can do both. It's not as if I'm not working hard to try and find a job, I certainly am, but keeping my mental state in tact is far more difficult.

I do not want to get a job just for the sake of getting a job. I'm in this position precisely because that's what I've always done. I need something that worth a damn and that I'm not going to hate. I've said this to myself 8000 times and I intend to stick to it.

I'm finding jobs that I know I'm qualified for, applying and still getting rejected. The one I got today is what kind of set me over the edge here and that's what I'm doing here. A job that I am immensely qualified for...years of sales experience, e-comm, home decor, client mgmt, etc...rejected me with a 3 line form email and zero reason as to why.

I WANT to work. I'm not sure what else I can do instead of applying to these dogshit companies that quite frankly would be lucky to have me. I know what I bring, I know that I'm a valuable asset to any company and I know that I'm more than worthy of working for some of these places. I fucking fed up with it, to be honest. I'm tired of having to grovel for a job that in all likelihood isn't going to be at all rewarding beyond the meager sheckles that'll be tossed at my feet. What the fuck do I do!?


I'm pretty pissed off so some thrash is in order. The new Machine Head record comes out soon and the latest is "Unhallowed" which features one of the best riffs I've ever heard. It's fucking incredible and of course Robb Flynn weaves a lyrically web that's unmatched. It's a shame that they're not the biggest metal band on Earth because they're always that good.

And that'll do her.

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