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Merchandise. Stuff. Et Cetera

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Greetings, lost internet traveler. If you've landed here, chances are that you either in the midst of a bad psychedelic episode or simply lost. Either way I welcome you and hope that you'll at the very least scroll to the end of this post so that the hosting company says that I had a visitor today.

I haven't written a blog post in roughly 9 months and I'm not sure why. Scratch that, I'm certain...I'm fucking lazy. I like writing and should do this more, but again, I'm lazy. Either way, I have nothing to really talk about here other than to pitch the show merch. See, I've put together a few things that are show related in an effort to market the program in a very, VERY small way and without an actual outlay of funds. I also don't want to make any money off of this shit because I don't want to get the idea in my head that this entire venture can be anything close to a money making experience. I've done a really good job of not letting myself believe that what I'm doing here is at all viable and it should stay that way.'s the stuff.

Complaints & Observations Merch

So yeah, that's it. Nothing at all fancy, but it's something. Currently, my profit on each shirt is anywhere from $0.01 to $0.41. Not sure why that is, but Bonfire has some odd pricing and basically forces you to make something. Probably a tax issue on their end, no clue.

I didn't add links to each image because, ya know, I'm lazy. Remember? Click the link and tell the world you have terrible taste in entertainment.


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