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Friday Thoughts III

I need to do a better job with this website.

I had wanted to do a LOT more writing with this site, but that hasn't happened as I wanted it to. Because of that, I have another bunch of crap to share with the world on a Friday.

Played golf today and played poorly. 110 on a swamp of a dog track course that I really don't want to play at again any time soon. Just thick, soupy air and cart paths that featured massive puddles. I'm all set. I hate when I put up a score like that when I know that I can be at least 10 stokes better simply by not topping the ball in the fairway. Any further improvement beyond that will take time, but I currently have nothing else to do so it works out well.

I've been paying for ESPN+ for about a year now and did so to watch soccer. Today I wanted to watch the Coppa Italia semi, Juventus v. AC Milan and couldn't because ESPN sucks. I understand that it's being broadcast from the other side of the planet, but please do not tell me that I can watch it when in reality, I cannot. Honestly, this is horribly minor inconvenience, but given the nature of this site and of the pod, it's perfect. Bitch & whine about wholly insignificant things. Again, I have little else to do at the moment.

A couple of things for you to check out if you also have nothing to do. First, Dave Chappelle put out a new clip today called "8:46" and it's heavy. I expected as much, but the emotion is pouring out of him here. I have less than zero idea of what it's like to be black in this country and the more I hear stories & experiences from so many different black people, the more it frightens me. There's simply no reason for any shit like this to continue to happen in 2020. None.

Second, each & every Christopher Columbus statue should be removed from its perch and pounded into rubble. That rubble should then be used to create septic tanks the world over. That's all he and these statues are good for. Columbus was a sociopath fueled by greed and ego. He did "sail to America" and "discover" a "new world", but that slant is where the history should stop. Columbus Day is a phony nonsense dreamt up by the American Catholic Church because those assholes needed a hero to deify. Take a couple of minutes to read this by Howard Zinn.

I've been saying for years that Columbus was a piece of shit and now this whole fallacy may finally come to an end. Here's hoping.

That's all for now friends. Join me again next week (maybe) when I'll likely talk about soccer. Again.


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