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Friday Thoughts XVIII

Disappointments and the best way to handle them. Also, a bit of Musk.

Disappointments are a part of life and without them, the highs don't seem as high. The truly difficult part is how best to handle disappointments when they inevitably roll in. One way to do so is how I have usually done it over the past 44 years: sulking about it like a child for days on end.

There's a lot in Stoic thinking that can be useful, but most of all it's that the disappointment is rarely, if ever, what causes the problem, but rather our reaction to it. I'd provide a bit more background with flowery quotes from Marcus Aurelius, but I'm lazy and this is a blog so who gives a shit.

The way that I've always handled them is the total opposite of how it should be done and I can say with certainty that that thinking has caused far more problems for me than whatever might have created a particular disappointment. I'll try, do or say something, then fail or get rejected or what have you and it prevents me from trying, doing or saying again. I would guess that I'm not alone in this which makes me wonder how others handle it. Hopefully better than me, but who know.

The point is that this time I'm mostly over the recent disappointment and have moved on to try and make the best of it. Building a bridge so to speak...or doing so to eventually turn around and blow it the fuck up which is entirely plausible.


Seems everyone's favorite socially awkward oligarch, Elon Musk, made a lot of people angry last week when it was revealed he planned to spend entirely too much money on a bid to buy Twitter. As much as I enjoy Twitter, it's probably the last thing that I'd want to spend $43B on. Think of the number of actual, fully functional cesspools you could buy with that kind of money instead of the virtual cesspool that Twitter is. The whole thing is hilarious because both sides of the proverbial aisle are up in arms about the whole thing and it seems Elon just keeps jabbing at both of them.

Yeah, he's grossly rich, but it's still his money and he's free to do with it as he pleases. Yeah, he could be doing a lot more for the greater good than buying a social media site. The reactions are just so misguided in my mind. The Free Speech crowd can't seem to wrap their heard around the fact that Twitter is not the government and therefore is free to control speech on their platform as they choose. The Anti-Musk crowd can't seem to understand that it's just fucking Twitter and not Nuremburg Trials. Settle the fuck down.

It's gotta be odd for a guy like Musk who's a fairly intelligent human yet seems to long for constant attention. Maybe the reason he wants to own Twitter is because every time he tweets he gets some of that sweet instant gratification most people enjoy, but others can't get enough of. It's also more of that deification of the rich that I've talked about on the show before. It's baffling to me.

Just give the site and edit function and your fans will be filling ERs around the world from the 4+ hour hard on you've given them.


New Machine Head coming in August and I'm pumped. I wish it was The Blackening lineup because Dave McLain is an assassins on the drums, but this first track sounds great. Also, Robb Flynn is an exception lyricist and this lives up to it.


And that'll do her.

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